Cowboy Holster, Western Holster, Leather, Hand Tooled, Colt Single Action

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A Jesse James Style Single Action Cowboy Holster

Hey y'all I'm Billy Hell and in my evenings I tool leather. This is an upgrade variant of the last holster Jesse James had. 

When I started this one the goal wasn't to sell it but to try and add some upgrades to a standard holster. 
It certainly took longer than one of my standard non-lined  holsters but I thought the spots might nice for someone. 

The spots meant I had to line it and many folks request that anyway. I even tooled the back of the holster (not really done). 

It has sat on my work table and been admired long enough. Now it can be yours!



The floral design is taken from a photo of Jesse James last holster.  This is all hand cut/and tooled in my shop here in Nashville, TN. 
The pistol you see is a 1914 Colt that I received at the tender age of 12 - it is not included in the sale!
This is shown with a 4 3/4 barrel that only goes to the second to last spot so there is still room for a longer barrel. 
I wanted to make this one special so I added a few things:
  • Chrome spots were polished down to copper
  • One of a kind
  • Works for all Colt SA variants
  • Lined with 3/4 ounce leather
  • A super tricky build!