1911 Leather Holster, BBQ holster, Hand Tooled in the USA!

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1911 Style Hand Tooled Holster!
Hey y'all I'm Billy Hell and create holsters for single action Colts and 1911 style pistols. 
Here is something that I had in my mind for awhile and found a free weekend to put together. I call it "The Crow." I hunted crows as a kid and gained a lot of respect for them. They are super smart!
<<Pistol not included. I only sell holsters>>
I used 9-ounce leather. 
All hand cut. 
Hand tooled. 
Double stitched (because it looks good and will last forever). 
This will fit up to a 2 1/2 inch belt. 
This is a tight fit on my 1911 (not included in the sale of course). It holds the gun secure. This should work with a 1911 Colt or Variant.