Billy Hell Stories

I have a lot of stories! You can check out some of them on my Youtube channel here - CLICK

The Tater Story
This is a hilarious story about what happens when you Dad is in the middle of nowhere with the whole family and knocks a hole in his crankcase...


The Billy Idol Story
It's Friday so I thought I might share another story with you! Back in my other life, I lived in Hollywood, CA as a longhaired, leather wearing, movie working, Harley riding hoodlum. This story is just a day-in-the-life...


I grew up in a small town in Texas. I loved carnivals and especially the bumper cars. When I was around 9 my folks took me to the local carnival and I headed straight to the bumper cars. The carny taking tickets stopped me until the next round. As I was waiting I noticed he had an old black, beat up a t-shirt and in white letters, it said, "HOT DAMN!"  My 9-year-old mind reeled. Where did you get a shirt like that? Was it legal to wear in public (not at a carnival)?  I never got the answers to those questions so one day I made my own. I have a rule that I only wear it when it's going to be a good time...usually on a Friday. Now I share the "HOT DAMN!" shirt with you!


Walt Wilkins Guitar
Jim tells about his running days in Nashville with Texas singer song writer Walt Wilkins and the guitar of Walt's that Josh Grider (another Texas singer song writer) brought by.
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