What About Billy

I'm Billy Hell. I have been creating and making things most of my life. In my younger years I was a prop man and weapons specialist on movies and TV shows in a terrible placed called LA. Luckily I escaped that god forsaken town and made it to Nashville, TN. I grew up on a ranch in Texas, got my first .45 Colt single action at the age of 12, play and build guitars and I love old cars (I drive a 76 Eldo convertible and a 64 C10 Chevy...and occasionally a brahama bull).
All of this has an influence on the pieces I create. This site allows me to sell to people I don't know and create some things I have been wanting to do for a while.
I am creating new things every day so be sure and sign up to our email list (in the footer menu) and keep up with the interesting, fun and badass new things that I haven't even thought of yet!!
If you are looking at a leather piece in my store then you are looking at the actual piece that is sitting on my work table and ready to ship out. 
Here is a link to my Ebay user page. I figured that might be a good way for you to see that I'm a righteous dude and straight shooter:
- Billy